Runner’s Life….you may have a problem if you:

1.have shoes and gear are always in car just in case

2. often run out too many miles to run back comfortabley

3. tell yourself your ankle/knee etc. will feel better if you just run it out

4. the reward for doing x amount of work is a x minute running break

5. runners on the side of the road make you jealous….even if you’ve already run

6. people at work refuse to run with you because they are afraid they will  fall into the addiction

7.  you wear a sports bra 98% of the time you wear a bra

8. you shower at work or the gym more than at home

9. you started lifting even though it is a tedious pain in an effort to not run too much

10. you can’t plan, write, or debrief your day without at least a little jog


Note: ipad blogging on this site is horrible….any tips

Teacher Life:1. Unloading kiln one piece at a

ImageTeacher Life:

1. Unloading kiln one piece at a time / three heavy shelves with about 8 precious student works on each /

2. One moment of careless unloading causing an unbalanced load / shelf begins to fall / hear second shelf begin to fall on first

3. Manage to catch 3rd (top) shelf in hand and balance one piece on pinkey figer between wall and unsupported top shelf / 4 pieces remain on top shelf / If shelf falls all pieces will be destroyed / 2 weeks of student work

4. Begin praying out loud / each move creates horrible noises of ceramic, shelves and supports clincing below / start inch the rest of my fingers to my pinkey in an attempt to save wedged piece / arms are tired

5. Consider yelling for help…..yea right the backmost room of the upstairs…..the only hour my room is sometimes empty /arms very tired / other figer reaches pinkey finger / trying to push piece onto shlf with out tiping

6. Piece sides onto shelf / now lift slowly as not to disturd bottom 2 shelves in their chaos

7.Praises be / lift entire middle shelf / unload bottom

8. I feel so joyus right now I could cry! I will not fail to balance on the way out from now on!!!

A much happier ending than driving off with ceramics on the roof of my car…….a very sad story