Expedia: Losing Faith in Customer Relations


Expedia: Losing Faith in Customer Relations
Today after an hour of arguing and being placed on hold I gave up. Tomorrow would have been one month of attempting to attain compensation for faulty information that will put me out at least a stack of cash. 
For the past month I have been told repeatedly that this situation is my fault however, today I was told that the situation is my fault because I did not know that in some cases Expedia customer service representatives tell customers things to make them happy. Translation: a representative lied to me to make me happy?
I was also told that the only compensation the company could give me was a $50 voucher for a hotel (no flights). Unfortunately, that voucher would mean using Expedia again for something I don’t usually use a third party to book. No Thanks.
*I was told over 72 hours ago that within the next 72 hours I would receive a callback concerning multiple ongoing inquires pertaining to my flight change. I have also been told the following:
*It is possible to only take only the second leg of my flight however I would not be refunded. (This e-mail prompted me to buy tickets to stay in Europe and not take the first leg of my flight)
(Protyasha 6/3 via e-mail)
*That the airlines were the ones that were charging Expedia to change the tickets –_Justine 6/20 (After calling the airlines I was told Expedia was the only one who could change a booking)
*I could change my reservation for a fee and would be able to conference call with the third booking party -Justine 6/21 (This never happened even when I called at the time we discussed on the phone)
*I can not change my reservation at all and will get a call back within 72 hours to talk about compensation for hours on the phone and miss information from Expedia –Faizan 6/25 (I NEVER received this call back after waiting almost a week)
* My case had been moved to high priority and I would receive a call back in 24 hours. (This never happened either)
 This serves as a written record of the slew of miss-information I was fed. Apparently customer service agents at Expedia and Expedia UK are taught to appease customers by telling blatant lies or to hang up if they do not know what to do. When I finally talked to someone who could give me a straight answer (Either buy a 1,400 pound one way ticket or revert to your former plan eating whatever cost I put into the other tickets…..and P.S. there is NOTHING Expedia will do to compensate you for the money and time they have put you out) there was nothing I could do. Why would a company lead me in circles by telling me I could have conference calls and that they were looking into my case when that is all they needed to do. I talked to as many supervisors as I could and was told different things by each.
I will never use Expedia again.
The End