Life Moves Pretty Fast……

Because it’s good to reflect
My 20’s 
  1 house (built and mortgaged), 1 husband, 1 beautiful niece, 2 post secondary degrees, 2 states (lived in), 2 cell phones, 2 tents, 2 skydives, 3 continents, 3 cars, 4 marathons, 5 (almost 6) wall murals, 7 jobs, 8 years living in Missouri, 8 years working in public education,  9 grade levels taught, 10 addresses,   
And good to look ahead

30 goals 

1. tattoo…design one, get one….maybe
2. half iron man (if completed go for the full)
3. Utilize tofu more in lunches and dinners
4.  Start making healthy good bread instead of buying cheep sugary stuff
5. Do at least part of the Appalachian Trail.
6. get a new degree or certification.
7. Take my sister on an epic adventure for her high school graduation.
8.  Create a large thematic group of artworks and display them publicly
9. Seek and study wise people now and in history
10. Spend quality time prayer and meditation
11. Learn a stringed instrument
12. Cook a live lobster a la Julia Childs
13. garage on house
14. green house
15. Give more to others
16. Learn to be organized
17. Learn to do my hair and make up….or at least how to look pulled together if I wanted/needed to….. either that or learn how to do dreads something new
18. Keep the inside of my car clean.
19.  finally figure out my retirement/investment portfolio
20. Take and pass the PRAXIS in LA or PE and or FACS
21. Work a summer with trail maintenance on the peninsula 
22. Learn to ride a motorcycle
23. Go to an oriental country 
24. Get a grasp on a foreign language
25.  Get some really warm winter gear.
26. knit…something
27. Visit at least two national parks
28. Cook a homemade pizza in the kiln for lunch one day and eat it
29. Paint a wall in my classroom
30. Figure out what to do with the huge empty wall in my house