Works in progress

These 4 are made on 24″ X 36″ 1/8″ plywood. They are then primed and layered with different treatments and papers. The excavation process has just started and I don’t feel they are all complete. They at least need a layer of acrylic media on top.

#1 is A mountain (Wolverine Peek Reflected on itself)

#2-#4 Are abstractions of  Mt. Marathon a mountain I run often. The trail system is repeating and in random directions. It was built up then embedded and finally  excavated.

Some Up-closes of these works.

New Work

The first two are landscapes I did as …extras. I started the first one before my first mentor meeting and it is still not finished. I tried to combine two views of the same mountain pass. Resurrection Pass was the location of a 50 mile run I did where I felt consumed by the changing environment for 8 hours.

dscn5371  This one is an attempt to leave out color and create how the mountain feels. Mount Marathon is a very emotional  intense race the mood can be impending.   dscn5367These next two are the collages I am working on for my work. I tried to simplify and choose media around me that was appealing along with unfinished work. dscn5379dscn5380