For this re-woking (formaly the piece that appeared to have a face) I collaged over much of the prior painting with some memerobilia and papers that appealed to me. This section I call The Road. I am tracing my steps tactily through the run up this mountain through these 4 works as well as the new work below.

This piece I am now calling The Rocks. It is soap mixed with ink and media over new collage. I worked ink and compound in with it.

This piece I am calling The Shale. Many different stones and objects are grouted, sanded and painted into on top of collage work.

This Image is a different mountain however, it dipicts the glory of what I see all around during my experiance on a mountain. When I am surrounded by mountains on all sides I feel no pain or struggle in what I am doing.

New Work

This is the second piece I started on a 2′ X 4′ piece of plywood. So far it is collage and compoud. I am calling this The Shade right now. I have named the different transitions on the path up the mountain.

This is my second new piece Done on 2′ X 4′ plywood. It is The Roots. I started with a collage base then drew out a neurological pathway using grout, jewelry, and wall puddy. Next I coverd it all with molding compund. After hitting it with a hammer and sanding, I placed acrylic media over important elements. I mixed different media in while it dried.


I have gotten on a major sidetrack with neuron mapping and how it applies to recurring themes in my work and collections. After being introduced to Beautiful Brain by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, I discovered the artist Greg Dunn and was very interested in his art. This is his website Greg Dunn.

I am playing with the idea of combining maps and neurons and I am very interested in neuro connections and how they work in different activities. Perhaps these paths could be an under piece to my textural experiments pertaining to my mountain runs and those trails. Here are some sketches and inspirations.