New art and process

After my Summer residency at Lesley I began these experiments and beginnings of what I hope to become finished works.

While running down the Skyline mountain trail I took two 30 second movies. I then watched them on my computer, pausing the video randomly. The swinging of my arms and fast movement caused the movie to freeze in a blur every time. After choosing my favorite blurred moments I took screenshots of them and printed them out. I repeated this at the beach by my home. These are integrated, copied, and manipulated in these works.

I am hoping to capture the way that the body moves through a place. By delving into the psychological effects of the body’s movement through a that place as well as the delicate connection between humans and nature, I hope to deepen and solidify my practice. ¬†Here are some of my screenshots.

I am also drawing inspiration from my favorite flower found high on the mountains in Alaska. It is a brilliant red, wild columbine.

The largest work is the least complete. It is collaged with copied photographs, copies of memorabilia from mountain running races, as well as maps of the area. There is a layer of textured media on top of some of this. I am now working on incorporating the columbine into the art. This is a stretched canvas apx. 5′ X 5′.

My first experiment was taking a blurred shot and making it with primarily texture. I have not decided if I want to add color or not.


Another small experiment is this small board with collage and running blurs.


The last thing I have been experimenting with is beach shells and glass smashed and adhered to canvas as a testament to one of the places I feel the most spiritual connection, the beach. This is a 36″ X ¬†24″ stretched canvas.


I have been practicing using a calligraphy brush for most of the lines on these works.