NEW beginnings

SO many tide lines! I have this 4.5′ by 6′ and a 4 X 4′ smaller one. I have to decide how to proceed from here!

This is one I did a few weeks earlier. Though smaller the tide line is more gentle and winding. With the fall elements, the lines are now thicker and leafy.



I have not been taking photos as regularly as should, regardless, here are some of the recent (within the last month) attempts at capturing the sublimity of the beach in Kenai, Alaska. I have been running to the beach at least 4 times a week at 5am (as well as some afternoon/evening walks). Currently I must don a headlamp in the morning to make this routine slightly less treacherous as the trail I choose to take is not a smooth one and the rain and wind are often fierce in the fall.

The first group is a series of 1X1′ on plywood:

These are some close ups of the above:

The final is a large piece that I am currently working on. I began by settinging this loose canvas on the beach coated with adhesive in an attempt to capture tidelines. Now I am covering them with my interpretations of the vastness of the ocean.

New work


These six works are based on photos of patterns on the beach (See Above). I run on the beach whenever I can and I am ever fascinated by the large and small beauties. I find the ever changing patterns in the sand and waves cathartic. I am also fascinated with tide lines and what I find there in the different seasons.