Small changes and a new start.

I feel that these two are now complete or close to it. These would be my 4th and 5th 6′ X 4′ canvas. The one on the right may need a little work still as I study it.

I am now starting a new piece mostly to document my process.

The link to one of the movies taken today is:


Work and Inspirations

fullsizeoutput_1391.jpegThis is the painting from my previous post worked over. It attempts to capture more of an above view of the tide lines as well as a delineation between two values. I wanted to capture the ocean moving in on top and the sand drying out on the bottom. However I also wanted an overall image of something in the distance. I experimented with non-toxic glues for the outdoor part of this which made some of the after work a bit harder and messier. I will keep experimenting with economy-friendly products to use outdoors. Here are some close-ups:

Up next I am trying to move artistically with the rapid changes in season. The bitter cold, dark, freezing beach and auroras all offer inspirations.

#5, 6′ X 4′ tide line series

This start is another intending to show the division between planes. The actual tide line is running horizontal to better fit with the texture (beach sands and rocks) underneath.¬† I recently learned of grattage, a painting technique pioneered my surrealist, Max Ernst. Sigh….it’s all been done. Although, Ernst’s were not done with a base layer of Alaskan beach collections.


I am considering #4 in this series complete.