Late to this residency because of weather, I arrived full of doubt.  From a small, remote town, I could easily sink into the humdrum of everyday life leaving the contemporary art world behind. Feeling the cold weather and emptiness I wrote notes to myself.  

I am overwhelmed at the support I received from fellow group members and the faculty at Lesley. Laural Sparks class on professional development enabled a discussion of ideas on how to keep our art alive and present in the public sphere. It will take time, failure, and expense. I am renewed by a sense of hope that I can produce something meaningful and moving. Art that is bigger than me, that speaks out to others. 

Perhaps the biggest take away from this semester is to have more confidence in my work and not to be afraid to believe in my paintings. If I don’t believe in the work it is doubtful an audience will. 

A Bit of the residency:


Kenai beach with lines of frozen waves: enamoured.