Working on

This first piece I am giving the working title “indistinguishable break“. I have not come up with a way to transfer frozen beach to canvas (although this could be a goal). Looking at the frozen tidal patterns and how they blend with the ocean brought about a theme of blended duality. There is a contrast in ocean and beach molecularity and textually, yet a startling resemblance in appearance. In addition to a slight media transition on the top half of the piece, I have cut and sewn the canvas down the center. I find the rough, unraveled, unpredictability of this modification pleasing and organic.

Material art is informing these works in that I am crushing elements from the beach and using sand from the beach. I am mixing these materials with man-made materials in an attempt to further conceptualize the relationship of man to the earth.

I feel like it still needs some modification.

My second piece is made from crushed materials found in Florida after a large storm. Some thoughts in this are being forced by the tide to run in certain directions, the frustration of being drenched in cold water, and the incomparable beauty that brings me here despite the wind, rain, and uncertainty.

Further work may come. I like the more raw feel of this one.

I am looking forward to crushing these shells from Sunshine Point, across the Kachemak Bay from Homer, AK.