I am exploring the following:

Space as it relates to a small area vs. large global areas. All the work below is made from material found on the small grounds of the treatment center I have been at for the last 30 days. I am continuing my investigations of matter art by using found objects. I have been fixated on the beauty of these yellow flowers and sparkling rocks (I crush and crumble these elements to create my paintings.

How the smallest things can be beautiful and create a vision of hope. The ocean and mountains call me too them but when I can not go it is the little things that pull me in with their beauty.

My body in relation to the land. I am no longer free to run or climb. My interactions are gentle, slow, and thoughtful. I am learning to sit and be still yet still connect in a meaningful way.

This is the most minimal material painting I have done. It is made with the natural elements I find in the block I am confined to.


The above painting is showing the sidewalks covered in yellow hope. I don’t know where they lead.

This is my largest unfinished.

I have two more that I did not get the opportunity to photograph. I will follow up.



My personal journey has interrupted my professional practice. It is a pause in my life.

In Arizona I have found the following to create art:

  • Shining rocks; they are soft, so I can crush them and make glittering paste.
  • Colored flowers
  • Moth wings
  • Berries

My first piece was on canvas using mixed media w/ glitter from rocks, flowers, and folding of the canvas. I beat the rocks down to make dust on top of the canvas to make it part of the process.

My second work is a three piece set call “On The Way”. The first 8 x 10 paper is a heavy mix of rock glitter, berry paint, flower petals (crushed), and moth wings. I took the heavy #1 piece and shook the loose bits onto #2 piece of 8 x 10 watercolor paper. I used #1 to rub more onto #2 in a mono-print fashion. #3 caught just a touch of #2 paints loose media, making it the most minimalist of the three.

The series is entitled “On The Way” because I only used things I found on the one block walk from my dorm to the main treatment center. It represents the newfound wonders found when the world is compressed.