Work in the now


Remains 36X24 natural materials on canvas

Scattered 16X20 Acrylic and natural materials on canvas

chaos and calm 8 X 10

acrylic on wood

Self-portrait 11X14 acrylic on canvas


An excerpt from my most recent paper:

With my recent return to color after a two-year absence, I find myself pairing my colors and movements with people, places, events, and paths. Dark days glimpsed hope through yellow flowers that spotted the landscape. Yellow became my hope and an inspiration for painting. Similarities with painter Joan Mitchell’s emotion and process could involve a desire to create paths, roads, and map-like webs. In this similar territorial nature, the mountains and sea around me are mine, yet they have to be grounded in the safety of knowing the place and its location. Mitchell claimed that her identity lay in the ability to know where she was, to locate herself on a map (Albers, 326). In burdened and strained times, my intuition pulls me to the mountains and the sea for peace, and there turns my painting. The process of painting is emotional. A combination of the artist’s truth in the moment combined with aesthetic vision mixed with movement and unpredictability. Painting has the ability to access my core truth and emotion. Landscape prompts the urge to share memory and emotion through composition. I seldom work from memory, letting my imagination run with the brush. Mitchel forces me to ask, “What potential could be hiding there?”