I ask for help.

I have been hosting stitching nights in an effort to manage the reconstruction of my most demolished piece. After harvesting the ravages of the explosion from a snowy field I puzzle pieces, pinned and started stitching. However the time required to complete this alone would be unrealistic. Just as in recovery I had to admit this was over my head and let go of having control. I gave no specific instructions. The community experience has been fun and rewarding. One more session of help and then I will finish the work on my own after contemplation.

Piecing it Together

My latest explosion transformed one canvas into many small rough pieces. It lay spattered across the snow. I couldn’t help thinking that there, in the trees and on the ground was art. The carnage of my paintings I equate to the devastation in life. Now I am trying in many different ways to reassemble these shards into something that is more meaningful,┬ábeauty that is not superficial.