Titles and finishing touches

Titles are tentative on these and function mostly for identification. As I hang these and examine them for the first time I filled with emotion and ideas moving forward. I feel Explosive #3 is near done. However I am going to some play with mirrors in Explosive #2. I also am feeling a pull to do some over painting on #2 to unify it a bit more. I am excited. I get a-lot of energy from the work that goes into these.


In Explosive #1 I may try a mirror addition behind but I like this piece it will be stretched however, I may leave the most destroyed lower right corner loose…..

Palo Verde #1 will be stretched to emphasize the mirror shape. I plan to include more painted contrast. (details below).

Palo Verde #2 is getting close I’m enjoying the texture, movement and smell of this one.


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