I invited some friends to watch me destroy some art along with a mannequin, a representation of societal expectations of women. These are pieces that frustrate me or no longer serve a purpose. They are being transformed.

Photos by Patrick Thompson–w

Footage by Joshua Veldstra

Here is a bit of my recent combustion art.

DSC_9998.jpgI like the result on this one. It reminds me of wings…..freedom.

Photo by Mark Pierson

New mini works

This is a series of 8X8″ mini paintings (watercolor, woodstain, acrylic,), varnish, rocks, and flowers all covered loosely with sheer fabric that contains recreated drawings from my treatment sketchbooks. I am continuing the idea of a curtain. I have reversed it from previous works where the curtain hid pain and have kept the traumatic moments faint but tried to make them in the forefront as a pleasing part of the whole. I find the works Niki de Saint Phalle encouraging in that as she evolved through her traumas into a more content person her artwork went with it, becoming joyful and bright. Also, Eva Hesse is similar in saying:

“I think art is a total thing. A total person giving a contribution. It is an essence, a soul.. In my inner soul art and life are inseparable.”

Sometimes my art spoke of my feelings when I didn’t know what they were.

Titles and finishing touches

Titles are tentative on these and function mostly for identification. As I hang these and examine them for the first time I filled with emotion and ideas moving forward. I feel Explosive #3 is near done. However I am going to some play with mirrors in Explosive #2. I also am feeling a pull to do some over painting on #2 to unify it a bit more. I am excited. I get a-lot of energy from the work that goes into these.


In Explosive #1 I may try a mirror addition behind but I like this piece it will be stretched however, I may leave the most destroyed lower right corner loose…..

Palo Verde #1 will be stretched to emphasize the mirror shape. I plan to include more painted contrast. (details below).

Palo Verde #2 is getting close I’m enjoying the texture, movement and smell of this one.


I ask for help.

I have been hosting stitching nights in an effort to manage the reconstruction of my most demolished piece. After harvesting the ravages of the explosion from a snowy field I puzzle pieces, pinned and started stitching. However the time required to complete this alone would be unrealistic. Just as in recovery I had to admit this was over my head and let go of having control. I gave no specific instructions. The community experience has been fun and rewarding. One more session of help and then I will finish the work on my own after contemplation.

Piecing it Together

My latest explosion transformed one canvas into many small rough pieces. It lay spattered across the snow. I couldn’t help thinking that there, in the trees and on the ground was art. The carnage of my paintings I equate to the devastation in life. Now I am trying in many different ways to reassemble these shards into something that is more meaningful,┬ábeauty that is not superficial.




Breaking and Melding

I have a lot of pieces, raw works that, I feel need to be either combined with others or simply used as an unseen part of the process. The yellow piece is a piece from the treatment center done on a piece of scrap linnen I found in the craft closet it is coated in crushed rocks, palo verde flowers and dirt from Arizona. Crushed rock, shell and flowers are incorporated into the other pieces as well.

Cambridge Residency

My critiques went well. I received positive feedback. THe reoccuring suggestion was to modify the “hidden” part of my presentation. I was given many other fascinating ideas on how to present my work. Also….I was challenged to think of myself as something other than a painter!