Breaking and Melding

I have a lot of pieces, raw works that, I feel need to be either combined with others or simply used as an unseen part of the process. The yellow piece is a piece from the treatment center done on a piece of scrap linnen I found in the craft closet it is coated in crushed rocks, palo verde flowers and dirt from Arizona. Crushed rock, shell and flowers are incorporated into the other pieces as well.

Just the pieces for now

Re-drawing sketches on canvas and doing whatever the earth matter tells me to. SO many visions for these…..I’m just going to keep doing more until I get out what I need to.

Cambridge Residency

My critiques went well. I received positive feedback. THe reoccuring suggestion was to modify the “hidden” part of my presentation. I was given many other fascinating ideas on how to present my work. Also….I was challenged to think of myself as something other than a painter!

What is seen.

This is a new, large painting I worked on this weekend. It is reminiscent of sweeping clouds at the beach. The shimmer in the middle is a mix of arizona flowers, marble dust, and adhesive. Those object are my hope and pain from a treatment center in the Spring. There remains a hint of a path at the bottom, photographically it would be the horizon.

What is hidden: Possible works to display behind these paintings which will be mounted away from the wall:

Hiding on the backside of an older painting, I find, perhaps the back is freer and the viewer could see it first from the back:

Maybe it was backwards all along
Maybe it was backwards all along

While the back is viewable only by peeking behind the piece mounted a foot away from the wall:


The other side…..



Leaving the beach

I have entitled this painting “Leaving the beach” It is representing the pain I feel when separated from the ocean. It also represents the balance of many things in the presence and absence of paint and natural materials.

Excerpt from my writings:

No matter how cold, how windy, or how grey, the beach is my life force. Standing, walking, running: the closer to the waves the closer my soul feels to a higher power, to the truth, to the beauty that is within me. Calm peace dance. My life force is in the waves, Leaving the ocean is like leaving a part of my being behind…the farther it gets from me the more immersed in the mires of the world I become. My heart feels sad like saying goodbye to a loved one. Not goodbye but rather see you latter.